The Team

We want to introduce the team and support crew who have been a part of the Late Arrivals Club over the years.

Jason Ey

Jason Ey, the instigator of the Late Arrivals Club Commemorative Run, served as a Navy Clearance Diver for ten years, including during the Iraq War. When he first thought up an idea to run across the Nullarbor Plain in 11 days, he never imagined that this tribute would get this much traction and he would love to see the event expand beyond just one year.

Jason is a proud ex-serviceman with a proud family tradition of military service including both his grandfathers, his father and his uncle. As each generation passes, they take their stories with them and Jason sees this a terrible loss, not only of the unrecorded history but also of the lessons in life, perseverance and the endurance of the human spirit. Jason, who adored his Grandad, is grateful that he knows some of these stories and wants to share that history to ensure it is not forgotten. The Late Arrivals Club is his way of paying tribute to his grandfather, but also to all veterans whose stories need to be shared.

Steven Dean

Steven Dean has an impressive service history. During the Iraq War he was a Navy Clearance Diver and later he joined the Tactical Assault Group, an elite direct-action and hostage recovery unit. He went on to become a private military contractor working in Iraq and Afghanistan, before switching to conservation work in Southern Africa with the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. With such and extraordinary resume, it’s clear that Steven has the fortitude and commitment to see this latest challenge through.

Steven is keen draw attention to the mental health issues that plague our veterans. Leading by example, he wants to show that setting goals is a positive way to overcome adversity and pull yourself out of darkness. 

Josh Thornhill

He may be the youngest of the group, but Josh Thornhill brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the team. With over ten years of military service, both as an Army Engineer and a Navy Clearance Diver, he is disciplined and focused, but he also likes to have a laugh and joke with the boys. Josh values teamwork and believes that keeping up morale with support and laughter is essential to making sure everyone’s spirits are kept high.

As soon as Josh heard about The Late Arrivals Club Commemorative Run, he was eager to take part. The story of Mick Ey and his mates inspired him and he wanted to honour those men who faced such hectic conditions and returned home. For Josh, the limited recovery time each day and the harsh the climate conditions will be the hardest part of the challenge. 

Tony Ey

Tony Ey, son of Reginald Ey from the bomber crew. Father of Jason Ey, one of our runners. The Chief! Currently spending his days doing humanitarian aid throughout Southeast Asia he’s given his time to help us go the distance in the desert.

Tony himself spent 20 years in the Military, also a Navy Clearance Diver. His father, both his uncles, both his brothers and his son all have war service so no surprises a charity such as Legacy is close to the heart. He served as one of only 49 Australian Clearance Divers in South Vietnam during the war.

Davina Dean

Davina is looking forward to documenting this unique and worthwhile cause which symbolises the ongoing daily struggles faced by our veterans and their families.

Davina is an award-winning photojournalist from Zimbabwe who relocated to Perth in 2015 with her husband and Late Arrivals team runner Deano. Together they own and operate their film and photography company based in Bridgetown, WA that provide for families, businesses and not-for-profits